Spinal Cord Treatment

Paralysis is a loss of muscle function for one or more muscles. Spinal cord patients who suffer from paralysis are entirely unable to move with the affected area. Researchers are working to use adult stem cells to rebuild nerves. Results as of this date have been mixed. Watch these success stories.

Laura Dominguez Tauer - "The Best Decision I Ever Made"

Laura's Story - 8 Years Later

Laura Dominguez-Tauer is a living, breathing example of what it takes to overcome adversity.

An oil spill on a San Antonio freeway is blamed for the car crash that sent Laura and her brother directly into a retaining wall in 2001. As she lay tangled in the middle of the car, she heard a paramedic say, “get a neck brace, she has a broken neck.” Read More >>>


Laura Dominguez - "I will walk again"

The Laura Dominguez Story (2011)

If there was ever a woman on a mission, it’s Laura Dominguez.  Doctors once told her she’d never walk again.  And while she’s not ready to run a marathon, she’s already proving them wrong, with the best yet to come.  Read More >>>