Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are compromised. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to communicate, resulting in symptoms of physical, mental, and sometimes psychiatric problems. Cord Blood Transfusions are a form of adult stem cell repair. And a number of clinical trials in the U.S. have seen successful treatment of patients with adult stem cells from their own body. Watch these success stories.

Barry Goudy Beats MS

Slapping hockey pucks around the ice rink, cracking balls around the golf course and pounding out a 65-hour work week used to be commonplace for Barry Goudy. Then the unthinkable happened: doctors told the Southgate, Michigan businessman he had multiple sclerosis (MS).  Read More >>>