Cancer Treatment

Cancer is second only to heart disease as a leading cause of death in the U.S. But it's also an area of medicine that has seen lots of success in the treatment of cancer with adult stem cells. Bone marrow and cord blood stem cell transplants have been used to treat Leukemia for many years.  Here are some stories of hope from cancer survivors who turned to adult stem cells for the answer. 

Cindy Schroeder - To the Brink and Back

Nothing, it seemed, could slow down Cindy Schroeder.  The wife, mother of three and special education teacher would drive 150+ miles a day visiting different schools before returning home each evening.  Read More >>>

Devon Weaver's New Life


Sometimes, not knowing is the hardest part.  Ever since Devon Weaver entered the world as an infant, something just wasn’t right.  His Mom and Dad knew it, and it was a painful mystery.  Read More >>>

Bill Bourland Rescued From Cancer


Confronting death face-to-face, and granted a reprieve with a second chance at life, changes a man. 

Just ask Bill Bourland.  Diagnosed with a deadly disease he couldn’t pronounce, the Tucson, Arizona resident was told he couldn’t fight it either. Yet today, thanks to the dogged determination of his wife, an almost-eerie conversation with a neighbor and a doctor willing to use adult stem cell treatment when others wouldn’t, Bill lives a full, happy and healthy life.  Read More >>>


Faith and Adult Stem Cells Lift Paul Wagle


In the remarkable case of Paul Wagle, a successfully treated disease using adult stem cells is serving as inspiration for a new life journey, one he believes reaches beyond the here and now.  “I know God has a plan for me,” says Paul.  “I don’t know exactly what it is just yet. But I know he’s preparing me for something.”  Given his astonishing story, it’s hard to argue otherwise.  Read More >>>

Terry Killman Beats Leukemia


Terry Killman and his grandson, Eli, are two peas in a pod.  Terry was the first person to hold Eli when he was born. He even cut his umbilical cord. Terry’s wife Michelle calls the two, ‘inseparable.’

So when Terry was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia almost three years ago, it was devastating to both Eli and the man who’s raising him as his own son.  Read More >>>

Mary Lou Rusco Overcomes Leukemia


Knowledge is power—but it can also be a burden.

When doctors diagnosed Mary Lou Rusco with leukemia, Steve Rusco did what any other husband would do: he went looking for answers in hopes of saving the life of his wife.  What he discovered scared him.  Read More >>>