Adult Stem Cell Doctors

The progress and new discoveries behind adult stem cell research would not be what it is today without the dedicated doctors who have made it all possible. Here, we profile some of the leading researchers in the U.S. These are only a few of the doctors who have devoted their lives to bringing new hope to those who suffer from once incurable diseases and conditions. Here are their stories.


Adult Stem Cell Physician - Dr. Joseph McGuirk


Dr. Joel McGuirk of the University of Kansas Cancer Center, has been treating cancer patients for 27 years. He has always been excited and optimistic about the future of his patients, but never like he is now. “Every day is an exciting day,” McGuirk says. “We are in the midst of a revolution in cancer medicine right now.”  Read More >>>

Dr. Theresa Deisher - Adult Stem Cell Researcher


The world of scientific research is filled with microscopes, Petri dishes and tedious data collection.  But for adult stem cell researcher Theresa Deisher, Ph.D., the suffering endured by patients she’ll probably never meet is always at the top of her mind.  Read More >>

Dr. Richard Burt - Adult Stem Cell Surgeon


As a Fellow working at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Dr. Richard Burt noticed that the leukemia patients he was helping treat needed to be “re-vaccinated” because the protection from childhood diseases like the measles and mumps was being lost.  The cells impacted by transfusion treatments were losing the “memory” of these original childhood vaccinations. Read More >>>