About Our Mission



The stem cell issue is filled with questions, confusion, and controversy about science, cures and the best ways to find those cures. 

Often ignored in the discussion is one glaring, indisputable fact:  certain kinds of stem cells—called adult stem cells—are already helping people with cures and treatments, with the real promise and hope that more can be done.  If one hears in the news about stem cells helping people, you can be sure that it is the result of adult stem cells, as that is the only type of stem cell helping people today.  The public, and patients, need to hear about these incredible advances.  That is why this web site was created.

Stem Cell Research Facts (SCRF) serves as a valuable resource for individuals, families and organizations seeking more education and awareness related to life-threatening or life-changing diseases and conditions. SCRF provides concise information and scientific facts for those of us who are not scientists, researchers or medical professionals. Also, the site illustrates how current adult treatments and therapies directly impact the lives of patients and their families today - as opposed to debating the merits of other types of stem cell research.  

Explore this website to find amazing stories of inspiration from patients who received adult stem cell transplants and the doctors and researchers who are working to advance this exciting area of medicine.

A goal of SCRF is to facilitate and form a worldwide community dedicated to helping individuals, patients and families discover, learn and share the latest advances in adult stem cell research. Stem Cell Research Facts is a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations across the globe concerned with helping patients, friends and families, while avoiding the dilemma associated with other types of research.

Supported by the Charlotte Lozier Institute.  Stem Cell Research Facts was established with support of Family Research Council in 2009.